Research Number: 636-244-3593

Research studies are conducted in order to help better understand mental illnesses, and they aid to determine how different medications improve psychiatric disorders. Dr. Canale and Dr. Ilivicky have conducted over 150 clinical research studies for a number of illnesses involving both adolescents and adults.

Research studies offer patients a potential means to medication that may or may not be available for prescription. If a patient is interested in a study, he or she will be screened in order to determine if they are a right fit. Once the screening process is complete, the patient will attend regular visits to our site where he or she will be instructed what to do by the research coordinators.

Participation is completely voluntary and patients can opt out at any given time. Research participants will receive complete medical examinations and are often compensated for their time and travel! There is never a charge to participate in studies.

We  are currently conducting studies for Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Early Stages of Alzheimer's Disease, and Schizophrenia.

Interested In A Study?​

All studies are conducted under strict regulations by the Food and Drug Administration.   If you would like our research staff to contact you please fill out this form.  You can also contact our research staff directly at 636-244-3593 for detailed information. Thank you!

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